National park ranger wearing a face mask and gloves to protect from COVID-19

5 Things To Know About Olympic and Mount Rainier Travel Amid COVID-19

In light of the spread of COVID-19, trying to find out what is open and closed in our national parks is a moving target these days. Here are updates.

The sun breaks through storm clouds on Second Beach in Olympic National Park.

Mules Help With Weather Experiment in Olympic National Park

The Olympic Mountains Experiment (OLYMPEX) measures precipitation and help NASA fine-tune new weather satellites. Mules get the equipment into remote areas.

A family on the beach

4th Graders Can Visit Parks Free For a Year

Students in the 4th grade can get a free annual entry pass for their family to more than 2,000 federal recreation areas, including national parks.

Salmon spawning in a Washington stream

Olympic NP Fishing Closures for Crab and Salmon

Emergency closures for fishing for Dungeness crab on the coast, and recreational fishing of salmon in most rivers and streams inside the park.

A billy goat (male) at Heart Lake in Olympic NP. Photo by NPS

Courts Reject Lawsuit over Fatal Goring in Olympic, sort of...

The goat had been harassing visitors for years. After goring, the goat stood guard over the man, not letting anyone aid him as he was bleeding to death.

2015 Paradise Fire in Olympic National Park.

Paradise Fire in Olympic National Park Burns into July, 2015

The 367 acre fire is located about 12 miles up-valley from the Queets River trailhead, well within the park boundary.

Snowshoe Hare on Deer Park Road in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park Prepares for Summer

As migrating birds return and wildflowers bloom in the lowland forests, employees at the park are spring cleaning and preparations for main visitor season.