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Sol Duc Valley in Olympic National Park

Bridge over Sol Duc Waterfall on Olympic National Park. Photo by Justin Bailie
Bridge over Sol Duc Waterfall on Olympic National ParkJustin Bailie

If the beauty of the Sol Duc River running through old-growth forest wasn’t enough of a reason to visit the valley, there’s a hot springs resort, a three-legged waterfall, and a platform built for the sole purpose of watching salmon.

Along the Sol Duc River twelve miles down Sol Duc Road, you’ll find healing waters of hot springs. Native American legend tells how the springs were created by dragons.

Today, the Hot Springs Resort is best known for its soaking pools, hot tubs, and a swimming pool that are heated with the hot springs. The resort is situated in a valley carved by the Sol Duc River.

Called the most beautiful falls in Olympic, and situated just a few miles from Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort and Campground, Sol Duc Falls is a treasure year-round. Unlike other falls on the Peninsula, you view it from above on the brink. In the autumn rainy season and early spring runoff this falls can be spectacular as it booms beneath your feet.

Down the road, watch salmon at the Cascades Overlook on the Sol Duc River in late summer and fall as they swim upstream to spawn.

The Sol Duc Valley is located in the northwest region of Olympic National Park. Just 40 minutes west of Port Angeles, turn off Highway 101 onto the Sol Duc Road. Sol Duc Road is open year-round weather permitting.

Map of Sol Duc Valley in Olympic National Park.