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Hurricane Ridge Winter Timelapse Video

An entire winter's worth of screen shots (141 pictures) from the Hurricane Ridge webcam in Olympic National Park

This video by Exotic Hikes complies an entire winter’s worth of screen shots (141 pictures) from the Hurricane Ridge webcam in Olympic National Park into one video. It encompasses shots from September 2013 to June 2014.

What started out as an unusually dry winter saw feet of snow falling daily in March and April, giving the park a normal year’s worth of snow in just two months.



Sept 26th 2013: Video Starts
Sept 28th 2013: First Snow
October 1st, 2013: Government shutdown starts
October 4th, 2013: First snow melt off
October 11th, 2013: No Snow
October 13th, 2013: Couple Bikes to Hurricane Ridge despite government shutdown, I catch them with the screenshot
October 17th, 2013: Government Shutdown ends
October 25th, 2013: Fog Rolls in
October 27th, 2013: Snow returns
October 31st, 2013: Second Snow Melt off
November 2nd, 2013: Snow Returns
November 13th, 2013: Third Snow Melt off
November 14th, 2013: Snow Returns
December 4th, 2013: Snow Reaches Raining
December 24th, 2013: Beautiful Sunset with valley full of fog
December 31st, 2013: Grass visible on hill
January 4th, 2014: NPS Service Employees start leaving the light on in the lodge
January 7th, 2014: Snow Returns
January 10th, 2014: Drifts start to form over the picnic tables
January 15th, 2014: Lights still left on
January 25th, 2014: Fourth snow melt, grass visible
January 29th, 2014: Snow returns
February 9th, 2014: First MAJOR Snow
February 15th, 2014: Picnic tables buried, not visible
February 16th, 2014 to April 28th, 2014: Winter is here
April 29th, 2014: Snow starts to melt
May 11th, 2014: Grass become visible
May 19th, 2014: Picnic tables are snow free
June 7th, 2014: No snow