Olympic Junior Ranger Programs for Kids

Kids love waving their badge of honor proving they’re one of Olympic’s rangers. Pay the small fee at a visitor center to obtain the activity booklet
Park ranger and kids at the coast

Your children will love a trip to Olympic National Park just as much as you do—if you plan it right. Here are a few kid-specific activities designed just for them!

Junior Ranger Program for Children Ages 5-12

Kids love waving their badge of honor proving they’re one of Olympic’s finest, albeit youngest, rangers. Pay the small additional fee at a visitor center to obtain the activity booklet, and enjoy checking things off the list as your family makes its way through the park. Designed for kids between 5 and 12 years old, activities required to get the patch include attending a ranger talk and going on a hike. A winter activity booklet is specially designed for the colder months.

Ranger-Led Activities for Children

Youngsters will love the series of children-specific ranger programs offered throughout the summer at Olympic. The offerings change from year to year, so check the Olympic National Park website to check up on the current menu. Past programs have included family bonfires and ranger presentations geared toward kids.


Park ranger and kids at the coast

Ranger-led Walks and Talks in Olympic National Park

Ranger-led programs are available throughout the year at visitor centers. Visitors of all ages learn at ranger-guided walks and evening programs.

Sunset on the Pacific coast in the Kalaloch area of Olympic National Park.

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A family exploring the tide pools on Rialto Beach.

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Mount Olympus in Olympic National Park

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Olympic National Park is unique in that it is home to four of the world’s few remaining intact temperate rainforests, a breathtaking coastline and incredible alpine peaks.

Sunset at Point of Arches on Shi Shi Beach in Olympic National Park

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Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center in Olympic National Park

Visitor Centers in Olympic National Park

There are three visitor centers and multiple ranger stations in Olympic National Park. See exhibits and learn about the park.

Humpback whale breaking the water at sunset

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Whale watching cruises are one way to spot large marine mammals, but there are also many locations near the park where you can watch right from the shore.

Cross-country skiing on Hurricane Ridge. Photo by NPS

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Merriman Falls in Olympic National Park

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